Metal Pots


  • Steel or alloy pots for long life
  • Complete outer furnace shell (casing) for safety and strength
  • Simplified operation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance, efficient and dependable.
  • 4-6 times faster heating in salt than in air
  • Automatic heating with temperature and over-temperature control systems
  • Prewired control panel
  • Manual or automated furnace covers

Type TS with Immersion Heaters

Temperature range 350-1100F


  • Ajax TS furnaces are custom designed and sized from tabletop units to large production models.
  • Smaller units are ideal for laboratories, schools and test facilities.
  • Internal heating provides maximum heat transfer efficiency to save energy
  • Temperature uniformity within +/- 10 deg F within the work dimensions of the bath. More precise temperature uniformity is available upon request.
  • Suitable for intermittent operation
  • Furnace is easily restarted without the assistance of external devices.
  • Resistance style immersion heaters are easily replaceable without emptying the furnace.
  • See Data sheet MP-20 PDF for further details.

Type D, Q, H with “Over the Top” Electrodes

Temperature range 400 to 1750F


  • Removable electrodes can be changed without emptying the furnace.
  • Large cross-section electrodes are fabricated from heat resistant alloys for long life.
  • Internal heating provides maximum heat transfer efficiency to save energy.
  • See Data sheet MP-10 PDF for further details.

Type DGT gas fired furnaces 

Temperature range 400 to 1150F


  • Heavy duty steel or alloy burner tubes
  • Easy burner tube replacement
  • High and medium velocity burners for combustion
  • Operational cost savings in many markets over electric models
  • Combustion systems designed to current safety code requirements.
  • Suitable for intermittent operation
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