Automated Work Handling Systems

Main & supplemental configurations are available to meet your specific production requirements and may include:

  • Overhead Uni-hoist
  • Side-arm style hoist
  • Compact systems for medical/dental parts (See Photo B)
  • Supplemental Handling Equipment
  • Fast-transfer arms
  • Motorized carts
  • Pushers
  • Elevators
  • See Data Sheet A-10 for further details.




  • Compact and adaptable to light or heavy loads
  • Modular design reduces installation cost and set up time
  • Flexible programming through PLC’s or computers with convenient operator interface.
  • Positive, no-slip horizontal and vertical drives with variable speed.
  • Each load is centered when lifted or lowered
  • Lift capacity up to 1000 lbs
  • Production capacity up to 3000 lbs per hour
  • Each system is pre-tested and pre-adjusted prior to shipment.
  • Optional remote access via the internet for customer assistance
  • Optional connections for offsite monitoring of alarms by customer’s security service.


Sturdy custom enclosures fabricated from painted steel or galvanized steel are typically supplied with automated systems for safety purposes. Enclosures can include many useful features such as sliding doors, lighting, stairs and catwalks.

Walkway and Enclosure

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