Of all the heat treating methods available salt baths can be the fastest, most efficient, versatile and economical to use.

Electrodynamic Circulation
Spacing of Ajax heating elements used for internal heating results in the automatic circulation of salt which benefits uniformity of temperature and heat treatment. Circulation provides precise temperature control.

Faster Heating
Since heat is transferred by direct contact of the work with a heating medium of high heat capacity, Ajax salt baths heat your work many times faster than radiation or convection furnaces.

Efficient Use of Floor Space
Since work heats faster than in atmosphere or vacuum furnaces, smaller equipment is required for the same production level.

Distortion Minimized
With an Ajax salt bath your work is in contact at all points with the heating medium. Heating is even.

Preheating benefit
As work is introduced salt freezes on the surface preheating the work evenly until the melt point of the salt is reached reducing thermal shock.

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